Blue Wizard's Jason Kapalka Explains Franchise Rights Battle's Affect On New Game Content, Teases Killer Puzzle Update

Like all Friday The 13th fans, we are all very upset over the legal happenings going on with the franchise rights now, which has stopped the creation of any new content with regards to the intellectual property of Friday The 13th. There has been a lot of speculation as to why and how new content cannot be created at this point.

The awesome Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle is teasing a new Jason avatar to be released for their game soon (hint: a certain date is upon us next week) and the founder of Blue Wizard Digital (the game's producer) reached out to give a little insight into when new content creation had to stop and how Killer Puzzle is able to release a new character soon.

From Jason Kapalka
So, what's happening? We are unlocking a new Jason avatar in Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle that you can earn for free by completing a specific challenge. Let's just say that hiking alone is always a bad idea...

How are we doing this without violating the legal restrictions on new content....?

First, we are under the same restrictions as Gun (Media), and were hoping, like them, that the contractual issues would have been resolved or settled by now.

For convoluted legal reasons, January 22, 2018 was the legal deadline we had on creating new content for our game. As that date approached, we completed several Jason avatars that we put into the game but disabled, with the idea that we could release access to them later without breaching our contract.

And no, we don't have tons of secret hidden content buried away in the game, just a few items we thought might be fun to release later on if the worst legal scenarios came to pass. Like Gun, we are mostly limited to bug fixing and other technical work on the game, and are still hoping that the legal conflicts can be resolved so that we can get to work on really cool new stuff!
Blue Wizard had to soft release their game in January, well ahead of their intended release date, in order to beat the deadline in January. Hopefully, this lends a little insight into the how and why of new content creation in regards to the Friday The 13th franchise. Look for the new Jason release in Friday The 13th: Killer Puzzle soon!
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