Discussion: Why Did Jason Choose Trish Over Tommy In ‘The Final Chapter’?

Towards the end of Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter , Jason attempts to attack both Tommy and Trish Jarvis in Tommy’s upstairs bedroom. After Trish slams a television into Jason’s head, both Jarvis siblings attempt to walk around Jason to escape the house. Jason trips Trish and has a decision to make, go after Trish or Tommy.

Jason ultimately decides to go after Trish and Tommy decides to stay behind in his house while Trish is chased into the party house next door. The question that fans bring up from time to time is why did Jason choose to go after Trish instead of Tommy? There could be a number of reasons, which are outlined below.

- Jason didn't perceive a little boy to be as much of threat to him as Trish did.

- Jason doesn't kill kids, thus he went after the older teen.

- Tommy reminded Jason of himself and he couldn’t bring himself to kill a boy that looked just like him.

Do you think these reasons are plausible? Could there be another thought to why Jason went after Trish. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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