Alice's Friday The 13th Part 2 House Has Been Demolished!

Preserving the shooting locations for the Friday The 13th films becomes more troublesome as the years pass by. It has to be expected that fans will lose certain landmark locations as we move closer to the 40th anniversary of the franchise. With that being said, we have sad news to report as another Friday The 13th Part 2 filming location has lost a building to community progress. As many of our readers know, the cabins from the camp in the film were demolished back in 2010 after the land was sold to a developer. Now Alice's house seen in the prologue of Part 2 has been torn down!

It was just a matter a of a few years ago that the house location was finally discovered and a lot of fans were shocked how close they lived to the infamous filming location. However, now the address of 47 Central Ave., Waterbury, CT is no more. Below is a video showing the complete demolition of the house by Youtube channel TheNiceVlogs. As you can see, the neighborhood is undergoing a complete renovation, which can determined by photos we have posted below. All of the existing houses and surrounding streets have either been torn down, remodeled, or completely repaved. It's great for the community to receive a much needed renovation, but sad for fans of the film to see the iconic house be taken away

Thank you to Carsten (Germaniac) Adomat for letting us know about the house being torn down. Make sure to visit our Part 2 filming location page to see other filming locations as they were before the structures were torn down.

Alice's House And Neighborhood 2015

The Neighborhood In June 2018

Watch the video of the house location now demolished

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