Meet Friday The 13th Part 2 Alumni Marta Kober In Texas This September

There has been a lot of discussions among Friday the 13th fans about Marta Kober, who played Sandra in Friday the 13th Part 2. Marta seemed to just disappear from the entertainment business since the early 1990′s and really had not been heard from until her first convention appearance in August 2010. Since that time, there have been a handful of appearances that Marta has made and now there is a brand new opportunity to meet her.

Marta will be attending the Cult Classic Convention the weekend of September 28-30, 2018 in Bastrop, Texas. This is an interesting destination for the convention as it is located in one of the shooting locations for Friday The 13th 2009.  You can attend the convention and visit shooting locations from a franchise film!

Marta is joining fellow alumni Jennifer Banko from Friday a The Part 7 at the reunion, so make sure to visit for ticket information.