Watch This Rare VHS Video Store Promo Video For Jason Takes Manhattan

Back in the heyday of movie rental stores, the home video division of motion picture distributors would send promo videos and flyers to the video store companies to encourage the purchase of numerous units of a film by offering perks and incentives. Some of these flyers have been shown on our site in the past, but it is rare to see the actual promo videos for films in the franchise, but recently we were contacted by Michael to tell us he uploaded some if these rare promo videos to his Cinema Snob Youtube channel.

Below is the VHS video store promo/sales video for Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan! This plays as a full length trailer for the film and actually could have been used to promote the theatrical release. At the end of the video is where the sales pitch to the video store is made, offering the ever elusive and expensive six foot banner of Jason from the film that fans chase have been chasing on eBay for years (I begged my local video store for months to have it and finally got it).

These types of videos are a nice time capsule of the past and so much fun to watch now. Take a look and let us know what you think.