The Sequel To Friday The 13th 2009 Would Have Been 'The Death Of Jason Voorhees'

When rumblings of a new Friday the 13th movie were thrown out into the World Wide Web back in 2006, every single fan was excited that a new Jason Voorhees adventure was in the works. However, that excitement turned to fear as the dreaded "remake" tag was eventually associated with the new film. Fans despised the idea of a re-imagining of the character and the series.

The newest Friday the 13th film was already facing an uphill battle because of the remake tag and and the tremendously high fan expectations. The makers of the new film had a tall task to deliver an exceptional Crystal Lake tale. After the film's release in theaters, it received some of the harshest critiques that any of the films in the franchise have ever experienced. We're not talking about those Siskel and Ebert bashings that the earlier films experienced. No, the harshest critiques came from the fans themselves.

Regardless of some of the negative comments of the film, Friday The 13th 2009 went on to gross over $60 million in the United States and a large number of the franchise followers were quite happy with the film that Platinum Dunes produced from Damian Shannon and Mark Swift's script. After the film's theatrical run ended, Warner Bros. announced that a direct sequel would be released in theaters on August 13, 2010. As we all know now, that sequel never made it to the screen and all these years later, fans still want to know what the film would have been called and what the story would have been about.

With the latest Friday The 13th date upon us, writers Shannon and Swift just posted the cover of their script on their Twitter account with the title of the sequel, which hints at what would happen in the film.

Friday The 13th Camp Blood: The Death Of Jason Voorhees

It's a mouth full, but so are a few of the titles from the Paramount era. What do you think of the title? It seems as though Jason would die in the film and we wonder if there would have been plans for a third film in this iteration of the franchise?

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