Fright-Rags Makes This Friday Shelly The 13th!

Fright-Rags has done a spectacular job of offering some of the most innovative and relevant shirt designs for the Friday The 13th franchise ever. Their designs always capture the true essence of each film they create a shirt for and now the company has unleashed another awesome masterpiece.

Many of our readers (including us) believe it is long over due that Shelly Finklestein get the recognition he deserves. Yes, we all know that our community is well aware of Shelly, but getting a fun commemorative item to celebrate his contribution to the franchise has never really been offered before. As we can all hope for get an official Shelly figure one day, but in the mean time, Fright-Rags is offering an awesome shirt this Friday The 13th!

The new Shelly The 13th shirt is a limited edition shirt that will be available for ONE DAY ONLY (12:01am - 11:59pm Eastern Time, Friday 10/13) at the special price of $18. These are PRE-ORDER ITEMS that ship in the next 5-7 DAYS.
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