Franchise Props: Jason Voorhees Torso Body Part From Opening Of 'Jason Goes To Hell'

Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday is definitely one of, if not, the goriest film in the entire franchise. That is illustrated by the opening scene of the film where Jason is destroyed and his body parts are literally strewn across the ground and eventually the coroner's table at the federal morgue. There were an impressive amount of props made to accommodate the opening obliteration of Jason and today were are highlighting a special look at the destroed torso of Jason from the opening of the film.

Mario Kirner offered up some interesting information about the torso from his Friday The 13th Props Museum which he shared on the Facebook Page for his collection.

The FX person who was responsible for the astounding work on this and similar effect pieces of this film, confirmed there were 3 Jason dummies built for production. One was used for the actual explosion, one was cut into pieces like this one here and one puppet was used for the dagger stabbing scene toward the end

Also notable is that this torso does not wear the same style/brand shirt as worn by actor Kane Hodder during the rest of the movie. According to the FX person: "Wardrobe department originally bought coveralls. It had to be pointed out to them that coveralls were a Micheal Meyers thing, not Jason. When it came time to make the burned parts, they had a limited number of “hero” costumes, so we used the coveralls."

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