Join Us In 'Diagnosing Jason Voorhees'

There have been numerous fan theories over the years trying to explain the psychology of Jason Voorhees and what his motivations are for murdering the many teens of Crystal Lake. The obvious answer is revenge for his mother's death, but what else makes him kill and drives his horrific adventures in the small lake town? In the late dredges of summer, we thought it would be fun to share one fan's psychological breakdown of Jason and see if his thoughts make sense to be applied to a real world villain.

Below is a video created by Shandler for his Youtube channel TylersSoap and the short video does an great job and breaking down what makes our favorite maniacal killer and what makes him tick. You may not agree with these "theories" and explanations, but it is a fun exercise in exploring the origins of the franchise.

After watching the video, let us know your thoughts and debate if this is the definitive explanation of Jason Voorhees

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