Franchise Props: The Cursed Antique Clock From 'Friday The 13th: The Series'

Friday The 13th: The Series centered around an antique shop in New Orleans called Curious Goods. The story would have the store owner struggling to make a profit and in turn selling his soul to the Devil in return for a successful business. The owner does indeed begin to receive great wealth from his deal with the Devil, but his greed would eventually cost him his life. After his death, the store would be given to his niece, and aided by her cousin, the duo would unknowingly begin selling off many of the cursed items. That was until a mysterious older man warned the family members of the evil that they had unleashed upon the world.

The cursed items became true characters and some of which are remembered to this day by fans of the series. We don't hear too much about props from the production, so we thought we would highlight one of the only known antique props to be displayed to the public.

Brad Simmons posted the antique clock from the Season 2 episode "And Now The News" on Your Props and it does bring back memories about the show and just how cool the stories were. Read more about the prop below and please share your memories of the episode or the series with us in the comments below.
One of the only existing props left from the series and possibly the only known “cursed antique” in the hands of a public collector. Origin: Purchased from Uniquariat in March 2003. Knobs are not original. They were replaced by similar looking knobs by Uniquariat in an attempt to photograph and sell Special Limited Edition Commemorative prints. Now: Radio now sits in a custom-made Plexiglas case in my home theater.

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