Funko Unveils New Line Of Figures Which Includes Jason And Freddy!

We all know the journey of seeing Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger battle it out on the big screen was a very long and draining ordeal. Between numerous writers, directors, and story ideas, it seemed as though Freddy vs Jason would never come to fruition. Of course, the film was eventually released and it was a huge financial success for New Line Cinema. Who knew that almost 15 years later, companies would still be licencing both characters for toys and other merchandise.

Funko has been releasing their vinyl figure representations of the characters since 2010 and now they are including Jason and Freddy in their latest line of collectibles. Read more about the line first announced on the Funko Blog.
Funko is proud to introduce Vynl., a brand new line of stylized vinyl collectibles created with pop culture fanatics in mind! Vynl. will take a new approach to collecting by showcasing the intricate relationships between beloved characters through a playful new aesthetic and display-ready collector packaging. As this new line of figures is centered around character relationships, every Vynl. release will contain two figures in order to highlight the connection between both characters and play off of their respective storylines. 
Vynl. figures will utilize thoughtful and imaginative design to elaborate on the emotional bonds between some of the most cherished characters in pop culture. Though Vynl. figures will derive from countless realms, storylines, and universes, Funko will maintain a consistent design aesthetic ensuring all Vynl. figures look spectacular when displayed together.
The new line of figures will debut at San Diego Comic Con next week and the Jason and Freddy release will be available to purchase later this summer. 
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