Rare Production Photos Released Of Jason's Facial Design From Jason X

Newer fans to the franchise absolutely love Jim Isaac's Jason X. The blend of humor, action, and Jason Voorhees created an entertaining romp in space with some excellent death scenes. Jason's look in the film, of course, had two stages with Uber-Jason the consensus favorite. The look of regular Jason earlier in the film has been debated against for years with a more "human" look departing from the rotted and decayed presentation of the character from the previous four films. The shape and design of the hockey mask was also changed to the ire of many fans of the franchise.

During the autopsy scene in the film, when Jason is thawing out from cryo-stasis, Adrienne removes the hockey mask from Jason's head for a brief reveal of his face. The face has always looked a little odd, but there was never any real satisfying looks at the total design of Jason's features outside of the Don Post masks made for the release of the film. However, we have now come across some excellent behind the scenes production photos with the clearest look at Mr. Voorhees from Jason X we have ever seen!

Posted by effects artist Damon Bishop on Instagram a few weeks ago (and tipped off by the Facebook Group Jason Lives), check out these insanely detailed photos of the creation of Jason Voorhees for the film. Jason was sculpted by Stephen Dupuis, painting and finishing work was done by Damon.

What do you think of these much clearer looks at Jason from the film?

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