NECA Teases Upcoming Camp Crystal Lake Sign

One of the most iconic objects associated with the Friday The 13th films is the Camp Crystal Lake sign showcased in Friday The 13th 1980. The sign used in the film itself is a metamorphisis of the original sign used for the actual camp filming location, Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco. In an article posted on our site a few years ago, we traced the origins of the sign, which was a fun exercise in production history. The infamous Camp Crystal Lake sign is something many fans clamor to own replicas of, and for many years, also wanted as a scaled piece to display with action figures releases from the films.

Recently, we took to Twitter to to suggest to NECA the sign be included in assortment pack for Friday The 13th. We were completely surprised when NECA responded with a pic of an in-progress Camp Crustal Lake sign, already in development! That image can be found below.

It is unknown if this sign will be included with an Ultimate edition or Mego styled figure, or if this indeed be part of an assortment pack, but NECA did mention there will be more details in the summer. Keep and eye out for more details on this sign and other franchise goodies from NECA this summer!

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