Meet Pair Of Jason Voorhees Actors This August At Monster Mania

Veteran stuntman and actor Tom Morga has pretty much done it all in Hollywood throughout his illustrious career and not many people can say that they played both Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers on-screen. Although Tom had only a brief appearance as The Shape in Halloween 4, he did take on full time duty in Friday The 13th: A New Beginning portraying both pseudo Jason in the blue chevron hockey mask as well as the "real" Jason Voorhees in flashbacks.

One Jason Voorhees actor is highly sought after for appearances and that is the non-credited Jason from Friday The 13th Part 2, Steve Dash. The story is well known by now, but for those who do not know, Steve was not credited as Jason in Part 2, but merely as a stunt double for Warrington Gillette, who was given credit for the role of the maniacal killer. It was later learned in the early to mid 2000's that Steve Dash portrayed Jason for the duration of filming, especially for all of the scenes where Jason appeared on screen with the sack mask.

Now fans get another opportunity to meet these two legends of the franchise as both actors were just announced to be attending Monster Mania Con 37 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey the weekend of August 18-20, 2017. For more information, please visit

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