Which Friday The 13th Is The Closest To A PG-13 Rated Film

Friday The 13th films are well known for their make-up effects, creative kills and nudity. Each film in the franchise has varying degrees of these iconic elements, but there are a few Friday movies that actually lack a substantial amount of the aforementioned attractions. Throughout the decades, fans have debated the severity of the lackluster inclusions of gory deaths and nudity in certain films and the question has been asked, which franchise film could be rated PG-13?

In order to locate the movie that could closely resemble the lower rating, I believe there must be a film with the lowest amount of swear words, largest amount of cut away death scenes and fewest nude scenes. What Friday The 13th film comes close? 

Let's look at the films with either light or non existent nudity. 

Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI
The only film in the entire franchise to show absolutely no nudity makes this a top candidate for a PG-13 rating. There are some gruesome kills that push this towards R rated territory, but this film is in the conversation.

Friday The 13th Part 3
Outside of a brief glimpse of a side of a breast in a shower scene, this film has no nudity. The use of 3-D effects subdued the normal amount of gore that could be used.

These films are a just a few examples of what could be rated PG-13. What are other examples in the franchise?
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