More Sideshow Jason Voorhees Figure Packaging and Studio Images

Sideshow hasn't released a sixth scale Jason Voorhees figure since the mid 2000's and those limited run items go for a large sum of money on eBay and similar sites like it. There has been demand for a new offering of Jason in the sixth scale size and early last year the collectible company announced a new Friday The 13th Part 3 Jason is on the way!

Pre-orders have been underway for months now for the figure which shows off a much improved sculpt compared to the company's past offering. The figure comes with axe, machete and harpoon gun (harpooon comes with Exclusive Edition only) and 
retail goes for $209.99.

Just released is a great new look at the figure and the packaging that Jason will be shipped in as well as a few new studio promo shots of Mr. Voorhees in action. Check out those images below and let us know if you are getting this awesome figure soon!




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