Looking Back: Travis Van Winkle (Trent) On Being Part Of 'Friday The 13th 2009'

Part of being fans of a film franchise such as Friday the 13th is being able to look back at a time in our life and remember what it was like when a new movie was announced and all of the excitement that surrounded it. In the 1980's it was an annual event to experience that excitement for a new Friday The 13th movie. However, there is more appreciation for that feeling now that there are fewer of these films to look forward to each decade.

For our readers that like to reminisce about Friday movies of years past, we thought we would continue revisiting old interviews with cast and crew members from various media and print outlets from the past 30 years. It is interesting to read a person's thoughts on a subject during the production in a movie and compare it to what they may have said about the experience many years later.

Today we look at an interview conducted by AMC.com back in October 2008 with Friday The 13th 2009 star Travis Van Winkle. His turn at the unlikeable jerk "Trent" gave some real energy to the film and Travis also served up some funny moments as well. Read on for some of his thoughts about the film a few months before it was released in theaters.

From AMC Blog Interview

Travis:  "I've heard so much from (producers) Andrew Form and Brad Fuller about how much they love it, and how this is the best film they've ever made," he says. "And I think is their seventh horror film... so for them to say that this is their best one makes it so hard to wait!"

Mentioning he revisited the Friday The 13th films prior to production on the 2009 film

"Anytime I watch movies from the '80s now, they just make me laugh. Like Kevin Bacon's outfit -- he wore these little baby booty shorts! But during his sex scene in the movie, there's that shot with he gets the machete through the bottom of the bed -- that was still a shocker!"

Travis and his interaction with fans of the franchise

"I have some T-shirts that I got from the job, People stop me -- they say, 'Where'd you get that? I want that,'...I haven't had many people asking for spoilers or anything yet, mostly just expressing excitement for the movie -- and wanting my shirts!"

The moment that Travis realized how big a deal it was for him to be in the film.

"It was the first time that the mask had been revealed. Jason was holding the machete out toward one of the actors, and as I watched, I got the chills and thought, 'Holy sh--... this is really happening!' We all kind of just lost it, because it was suddenly so real. And I think that excitement carried through the entire movie."

Travis' final thought on what the film will be to fans.

"It's sick. I think it's gonna kick people in the face."
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