Crystal Lake Memories Being Released In Special Media Book Edition

Fans have been enjoying the ultimate documentary on the Friday The 13th franchise, Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History On Friday The 13th, for almost two years now. The show brought together a number of alumni that had never spoken about the films until very recently and everyone interviewed gave a unique look into the productions of the franchise. We were recently made aware of a new release of the documentary and wanted to share the details with our readers.

German home video distributor Pretz-Media is releasing special Media Books in two different covers with art by the likes of Jason Edmiston. 

The price for the Blu-Ray Media Books of this re-release is EUR 29,99 and can bought at the company's website. If you waited to purchase the documentary to this point, now would be a great time get a copy of the show and immerse yourself in the history of Friday The 13th! 

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