Remember When Quentin Tarantino Was To Direct 'The Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie'

In 2005, news first broke that controversial filmmaker Quentin Tarantino was being sought after to direct an all new Friday The 13th film. The franchise had not really had a straight, formulaic sequel set in Crystal Lake since Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood, and the ultra-violent filmmaker seemed like a great choice to resurrect Jason Voorhees and bring him back to his scary roots. Of course, there were many fans that could not understand the choice of Tarantino. Realistically, it was not only a move that Warner Bros and Paramount were making to get a quality filmmaker that could bring a hard edge to the franchise, but also a nice built-in marketing mechanism that would ensure a big opening weekend.

It's really simple, Quentin has a loyal fanbase to begin with and adding him to the Friday The 13th universe would have created a nice media whirlwind to help promote the film. If you have doubts that this marriage would have worked, look no further than what Malek Akaad did by hiring Rob Zombie to remake the immortal classic Halloween! Many people in the film industry were shocked that not only was John Carpenter's classic being remade at all, but by a director that only had two films under his belt at the time and came from the music industry. The controversial move paid off, however, with a huge box office opening weekend and also a film that brought the Michael Myers character back to someone who was scary again and quite frankly someone to definitely run away from.

Below is the first report of Quentin in talks to helm the new Friday The 13th film, dated March 7, 2005 from

IGN FilmForce has learned that none other than Oscar-winner Quentin Tarantino is in final negotiations to write and direct the Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie, an all new Friday the 13th for New Line.

While the rumor mill had long suggested that the next movie might be Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, that project never came together for a number of reasons.

Fans will instead be treated to the Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie. The project will be a co-venture between New Line and Paramount Pictures. It is expected to be a "quickie" that could get underway as early as this year!

Tarantino's production company, A Band Apart, referred us to the William Morris Agency. A rep at WMA would only advise us that Tarantino has "not yet" been offered the job while refusing to elaborate any further.

So what ever happened to this dream project and why did Quentin never seal the deal? There are many speculations, but after a week of online reports about his involvement with Friday The 13th, Tarantino had this to say via on March 15, 2005.

"What's happening with Friday The 13th? Nothing at all. It's a complete lie. I like Jason and everything, but I've no intention of directing a movie. New Line talked to me about it, but it was a complete fabrication, that article. I would love to do a horror film. I'm just saying it's not going to be Friday The 13th."

It would have been a very exciting and interesting film to watch, and there is a part of a lot of fans that really wish it had happened. We all know the story afterwards, legal battles between Paramount and Warner Bros. eventually subsided and Platinum Dunes was brought in to reboot the franchise with the 2009 film. So what would you think of a Quentin Tarantino directed Friday The 13th?