German Home Video Distributor Releasing Collector Media Book Editions Of Friday The 13th Films!

Our readers are always in search of the latest releases of the Friday The 13th films on home video and no matter how many different versions are released of the films, we are always excited to collect the newest packages of the franchise. We had heard rumblings last year that German home video distributor was planning to release the Paramount films at some point,but it looks like some hit stores this past November!

Below are the specs for the Media Book editions of the films, which are four in total to this point.

Format: Limited Edition
Language: German (DTS-HD 2.0), English (DTS-HD 2.0), English (DTS-HD 5.1)
Subtitles: English, German
Region: Region B / 2
Studio: 84 Entertainment

The media book has three discs: the film on Blu-Ray, the film on DVD and a bonus DVD with extras. The book section consists of 14 double pages printed in high gloss and contains facts about the film. The text in the booklet is by Christoph Kellermann.

As of now Studio 84 has four films in the limited edition offerings and their cover art is listed below.

Check out to find the films to purchase and follow 84 Entertainment to find out when the next film will be released from the franchise!
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