'Friday The 13th Part 3' Documentary Teaser Trailer Drops

This past summer, the Return To Camp Blood Podcast interviewed the makers of the upcoming documentary Friday The 13th Part 3: The Memoriam Documentary. The project's beginning reaches back to 2013 as Producer and long time Friday The 13th fan Sean Richard began gauging interest in the project. Over the past few years, he and his team have conducted numerous interviews with original cast members of Friday The 13th Part 3 to not only properly document the production of the film and preserve original footage of the shooting location before the house burned to the ground, but to also commemorate the life of Jason Voorhees actor Richard Brooker who passed away in 2013.

Now the documentary is nearing the end of post production and the producers have dropped a new teaser trailer for the project. While watching, you will notice that original Jason stalk and slash scenes have been filmed to help move the narrative of the documentary along. There is no release date yet, but stay tuned for more news as the film is ready to be unleashed on the fans.


As many of our readers know, the main house used in Friday The 13th Part 3 burned to the ground in 2006 after a careless trespasser accidentally set the house on fire. Since then, even for those fans lucky enough to visit the Valuzet Ranch in California, the only remnants left to see of the infamous filming location for Part 3 is the dilapidated barn. The man-made lake in the film has long been dried up and even the dock itself has disappeared, literally, into the ground. So how will our readers ever get a chance to tour this iconic Friday The 13th location with landmarks intact? One fan has an answer.

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