The Night The Friday The 13th Part 3 House Went Up In Flames

It has almost become legend among Friday The 13th fans, and that is the burning down of the Friday The 13th Part 3 house near the Veluzat Motion Picture Ranch in California. For years, fans had visited the house along with the infamous barn where Jason camped out most of the film before gaining his iconic hockey mask and finishing off most of the rest of the unsuspecting teens. Now, fans of the film can only visit the dilapidated remains of the barn due to the fact that back in 2006, a foolish and careless fan burned the adjacent house down to the ground!

It's a sad story for which a lot of fans in the Friday The 13th community were very upset about. Back when the old was still very active, many people in the community were quickly learning of the fire in the house. The stunning realization within that forum was that a member was responsible for the fire, and in fact he actually posted an image of the house in flames as he fled the location! Since that time, that old forum disintegrated (literally, due to server meltdown) and that photo was thought lost. That is until now.

Just recently rediscovered is the photo taken from that night back in 2006 where you can see the flames quickly beginning to overtake the house. The photo was posted at the Friday The 13th Community and is definitely a piece of history to hold onto for fans. It is a real shame that a piece of Friday The 13th film history was lost to a stupid accident for which the fire starting fan was simply wanting to start a fire in the artificial fireplace.

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