Dead Winter Con Signs Up Friday The 13th Alumni For 2013

Last February a brand new Horror convention surfaced in London, Kentucky which featured Jason Voorhees actors Ari Lehman and Kane Hodder. Word is that the convention was a success which has now prompted the return of Dead Winter Con in 2013! With that news, some guests have already been announced for the March 2013 convention.

If you're going to invite guests from the Friday The 13th film franchise, why not start with some of the people that helped jump start the entire phenomenon. Ari Lehman (Jason Voorhees, Friday The13th 1980) and Victor Miller (Writer, Friday The 13th 1980) are the first of many guests that will be attending the event in London next March. Make sure to keep an eye out for more news pertaining to the convention at their Website and Facebook Page.

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