What Is Next For The Friday The 13th Films On Home Video?

The year 2013 saw a flurry of questions and excitement come together as Warner Bros. announced, as part of their new three year agreement with Paramount, that they would be releasing a full twelve film Blu-Ray box set of the Friday The 13th film franchise. The set was released September 13th, 2013 with mixed reviews (Read Our Review) which left fans wondering what else to expect in the final two years of the agreement. Of course, there are fans that preferred to only purchase a certain number of the films in the set separately for which has sparked interest in if Warner Bros. would release all of the films individually under their name.

The agreement ended in 2015, but will fans see another box set, or individual releases of the films on Blu-Ray? From what we have heard, sales on the Blu-Ray box set from 2013 were good and now Amazon and EBay resales of the set reaching into the $300 range in some instances. With that being said, there were rumors that Warner Bros. had something planned for 2015 when the proposed Friday The 13th sequel was supposed to hit theaters from Paramount on 11/13/2015. Since the film was never released on that date and the home video deal expired, it will be interesting to see where the franchise heads in the future on home video.

Will Paramount or Warner Bros. want to invest anymore money into the home video market for the franchise? Rest assured that if a new film hits theaters next year, the WB will make sure to take adavantage and make some more money from Jason Voorhees. Our website will keep everyone updated as news becomes more available, but would any of our readers care for another release of the films on home video?

Outside of a proper 3-D release of Friday The 13th Part 3 or uncut versions of the films, do fans want to spend any more money on older releases of the films in the franchise?

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