Jason Voorhees Immortalized On Garbage Pail Kids Cards

If you grew in the 1980's, you undoubtedly owned or collected Garbage Pail Kids at some point and one thing I always wanted was for Topps to collaborate with Paramount to release a Jason Voorhees themed card set from the franchise. Sadly, that never happened, but this Halloween the card company is making that wish come true in a way with special Halloween sets of famous horror characters.

On sale until November 1st, you can buy a two card set of Jason Voorhees Garbage Pail Kids With "Jay Son of Voorhees" and "Frye Day the 13th". You can buy the cards at The Topps Website and the cost for the set is $9.99 or you can own the entire batch of Halloween cards for $39.99.
Below is the list of the entire set of Halloween cards available. Which sets are you going to buy for the season?

"Topps is celebrating Halloween by offering GPK American As Apple Pie Sticker Sets! There are a total of 2 stickers available for each character, names listed below...
1a TRUMP-kin Head
1b Trick or TRUMP
2a Halloween HILLARY
2b Costumed CLINTON
3a JAY Son of Voorhees
3b FRYE Day the 13th
4a Phantasm FREDDY
4b Night MARY
5b Ghost FAYE
6a VANNA Vamp
6b Succubus SUSAN
7a Bobbing BOBBY
7b Boiling WALTER
8a Masked MASON
8b HAL O. Ween"
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