Fright Rags To Offer Friday The 13th Victim Enamel Pins!

One thing we have learned over the years is that the merchandise and marketing machine loves Jason Voorhees. The character is over 35 years old and makes more money now in toy and collectible sales than he did when the franchise was in it's prime in the 1980's. So it is no surprise that the the other characters in the films, namely the victims, have been left high and dry, and dead. Well, thanks to horror shirt company Fright Rags, fans will get to celebrate the victims for a change.

Posted on their social media yesterday, Fright Rags unveiled the first look at their plan to sell victim inspired enamel horror pins. What better way to kick off this new line of pins than with victims of the Friday The 13th films. Check out the pins below and let us know what you think.

Details about when they will be available to purchase as well as cost will be posted soon!