Friday The 13th Maze Appearing At Horror Nights At Warner Bros. Movie World

Halloween Horror Nights is a long running event of haunted mazes at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando which have debuted a number of Friday The 13th themed mazes in the past. Fans have truly enjoyed those attractions over the years, but our Australian readers may also be aware of of their very own Horror Nights event presented by Warner Bros. Movie World located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

This year they are bringing back their very own Friday The 13th maze, which debuted last year, and represents Friday The 13th 2009. This year's maze, however, will feature some new additions to the crazy events of Crystal Lake that took place last year.

Teenagers up to no good on a campout and a psychotic killer on the prowl. You know the story so you should be fine, right? Wrong! If you thought watching the movie can help you survive, you are sadly mistaken! Jason has set up camp and is hungrier for blood than ever before. Do you have what it takes to live the terror as America’s most successful horror movie franchise is brought to life. Experience the struggle for survival at Camp Crystal Lake in the maze that is a real killer!

If you live near Gold's Coast or are planning a trip to the area for the Halloween season then you should definitely check out the Friday The 13th maze and other horrific attractions they have planned for the season!
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