The Prop Museum: Under-Suit Of Jason Voorhees' Costume From 'Freddy Vs Jason'

Today we have another item to add to the enormous Friday The 13th Props Museum, owned by Mario Kirner. This is an interesting set of clothing that presumably Ken Kirzinger wore while portraying Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs Jason. It is a good thing to note that actor Doug Tate mentioned in our interview with him that he had to wear padding under the Jason costume when he played the character. Doug portrayed the character for the end sequence when Jason emerges from the waster with Freddy's head.

Take a look at the under suit below and thanks to Mario for posting this at the Props Museum Facebook Page.

From Mario Kirner
This time we have some unusual prop from the Museum. This body was worn by the actor under the Jason costume to give him a more massive appearance. The suit was padded with foam "muscles" on the upper legs and calvs. As well as it has snap buttons on the chest and back for additional upper torso muscle support. Sadly these are missing.

There is still movie blood visible on this suit coming from the final scenes in the film. May be Jasons or Freddys blood, you decide

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