Box Office Trends Of Friday The 13th 2009 To Blame For No Warner Bros. Sequel?

With a potential new Paramount Friday The 13th film on the horizon and about seven and a half years passed since Friday The 13th 2009 was released in theaters, we thought all fans could take a look at how the much debated 2009 movie fared throughout the first six weeks of it's theatrical run (This was pretty much the entire run of the film). I know that we are all aware of how much the movie dropped off after opening weekend, but this movie still made a lot of money considering the genre and the fact that it’s a franchise that is over 30 years old. If the movie had grossed $20 million opening weekend and then went on to gain a final gross of close to $64 million, then the movie would have been seen by everyone as a bigger success with more longevity.

Only the fact that the film made so much money upfront and had a historic drop-off in Week 2 did cynics and detractors of the franchise pan the movie as a sort of creative failure. We still believe Warner Bros. saw the potential of the franchise, but the question has always lingered of why the company never went forward with a direct sequel to the 2009 film. Could it have been the steep drop in box office business?

Below is a table of information showing the weekly grosses of the latest Friday The 13th. By looking at this, perhaps fans might be able to see why a huge company would be wary of putting out a new movie with how the 2009 film tapered off into oblivion so quickly? Do you think this was THE determining factor in not getting a sequel fast tracked in 2010, or just one part of many reasons?

TheatersChange / Avg.Gross-to-DateWeek
Feb 13–161$43,585,449-3,105-$14,037$43,585,4491
Feb 20–226$7,942,472-80.4%3,105-$2,558$55,119,6632
Feb 27–Mar 111$3,689,156-53.6%2,760-345$1,337$60,700,7523
Mar 6–814$1,444,126-60.9%1,705-1,055$847$63,285,3184
Mar 13–1517$595,165-58.8%780-925$763$64,361,9095
Mar 20–2230$145,786-75.5%305-475$478$64,701,4866
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