Screen-Used Machete From 'Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6'

Jason's machete is one of the most iconic weapons known to fans of not only horror films, but general audiences as a whole. The pop culture impact of Jason's hockey mask is undeniable, but his machete is probably the second most recognizable item in the franchise. There have been a number of prop machetes used in the various films, but today we have a really cool machete to show off from Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6.

Below is a pretty awesome display of a screen-used metal machete, owned by Matthew Perlman, from the film that is featured in a number scenes being wielded by Jason Voorhees. In fact, the display frame contains not only the machete, but images from the film that show where the machete was used by actor C.J. Graham. The machete originally came from the private collection of F/X artist Chris swift, it was mentioned by him that this was the only machete used for Jason Lives.

What do you think of this prop machete, as it is one of the more metallic and clean looking machetes witnessed on film for the franchise.

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