'Friday The 13th' 1980 Original U.S. Lobby Cards

There were many methods of promoting films before the World Wide Web, which consisted of different forms of advertising, many of which are still used today. There was television commercials, theatrical previews, radio promos and 1-sheets (posters). One method of promotion was also inside the theaters and those were lobby cards. They are exactly what their names imply, which are card stock with various photos from a certain film with the title of the film prominently displayed for movie goers to see.

In the United States, these cards disappeared after the the 1980's. but they are highly sought after by collectors to this day. We have featured a number of Lobby Cards on our website in the past, but today we have images of the full set of 8 U.S. cards for Friday The 13th 1980! Check out the cards below, which depict some of the classic scenes from the film.

This writer's favorite of the group is the classic shot of Brenda in the archery range.

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