'First Jason' To Play At 'Friday The 13th' 1980 Screening This August

Terror and suspense abound in this 24-hour nightmare of blood! That is the first sentence written for the description of one of the most successful horror films in motion picture history. Sean Cunningham's seminal slasher/whodunit paved the way for numerous clones and rip-offs which changed the way major studios looked at producing horror films for wide theater distribution.

Alamo Drafthouse El Paso is now proud to present a brand new screening for Friday The 13th 1980 this August 5th! Also joining the fun is young Jason Voorhees actor Ari Lehman and his band First Jason for a live performance.

For ticket information visit the Alamo Drafthouse site and have fun reciting Mrs. Voorhees' lines during her son's birthday, the unluckiest day of the year.