Witness The 'Jason Lives' Screen Used Metal Hero Knife and Sheath

There has been a number of great props and production used items that we have showcased on the site for Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6. Today we have a very rare and unique weapon Jason used in the franchise and that is the survival knife from Jason Lives

Collector Justin Ray recently acquired the hero metal knife seen in the film and had an excellent display created to show off the prized possession, which includes the original sheath worn by Jason actor C.J. Graham. There is a small history to the knife created for the film. There was only one metal hero knife used on-screen in the movie and that was during the RV scene where Jason Voorhees kills Cort. The only other metal knife that existed was only used during pre-production for the stunt knife mold. The original source for this screen-used metal knife is F/X man Christopher Swift who worked on the film.

The knife was a welcomed addition to vast array of instruments used to dispath his victims throughout the franchise. Thanks to Justin Ray for submitting the information and images of the knife to us so we could share with the fans of the film!

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