Fan Trailer Sets Tone For Winter Season Friday The 13th Film

A winter themed Friday The 13th film is something many fans have been asking for over the years and Friday The 13th 2009 writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift's script for a follow-up has been reported to have a winter setting for a least part of the film. Still, to this point we have not seen Jason Voorhees stalking in the snow, but one fan wants to change that.

Will Devokees has been working on a fan trailer for a proposed winter Friday The 13th film and recently completed a teaser trailer for what his vision would be. To emphasis, however, Will has no plans to make a feature length fan film based on his trailer at this time, but what he has as an idea looks great.

Check out the fan trailer below and let us know if you like what you see. Do you want a winter Friday The 13th film?

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