Watch Friday The 13th 5,6, And 7 On 35MM At Camp Blood 2 Event This Summer

Here is a nice rarity in Friday The 13th screenings. This August, fans have a chance to watch Friday The 13th: A New Beginning, Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI, and Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood on 35MM film at a Drive-In! Details about the event is below and for more information, please visit

Attention campers: the greatest drive-in/horror/camping event of the season is returning to the Mahoning Drive-In Theater on August 26th & 27th! Last year Exhumed Films presented "Camp Blood", the biggest camping horror show of 2015, at the best all-retro drive-in theatre in the Philadelphia area.

This year "Camp Blood" returns and it's going to be another weekend full of maniacal mayhem at the movies that you will not want to miss! Six films preceded by slasher movie trailers -- all screened from 35mm film! -- plus limited edition posters and t-shirts, games and prizes, special guests and more! Additional details to be posted soon.

Tickets for each night are just $10 per person! Camping on the drive in lot is only $10 per car!

Here's the killer line up:

Friday, August 26th:

FRIDAY THE 13TH V (1985)- Is Jason Voorhees responsible for a murder spree taking place in the vicinity of a secluded halfway house? An adult Tommy Jarvis thinks he is.

FRIDAY THE 13TH VI (1986)- A plan to finally dispatch the body of Jason Voohees forever backfires when his corpse is struck by lightning and revived to go on a rampage yet again. Directed by Tom (ONE DARK NIGHT) McLoughlin.

FRIDAY THE 13TH VII (1987)- Taking place some time after the previous installment, this time the infamous masked killer is inadvertently freed from his underwater grave by a telekinetic teen. Special effects wiz John Carl Buechler handled the direction.