'Tuesday The 17th' Mixes April Fool's Day and Friday The 13th

Here we are on April Fool's Day and there are a lot of different retrospectives that have been or are being written about the classic 1986 film starring Friday The 13th alumni Amy Steel. I wanted to do something just a bit different and discuss an episode of the USA Network show Psych that not only references April 1st, but also gives a faithful representation of Friday The 13th!

In Season 3, Episode 15 of Psych, a special Friday The 13th episode aired appropriately on the day of the same name. It's one of the best episodes from the show, and that's saying something. The show is titled Tuesday The 17th and is a great homage to the original Friday The 13th films, especially the first two films and even more so Part 2. There's a Crazy Ralph character that say's "you're all doomed" as he rides away on a bicycle and even an homage to the opening title of Friday The 13th where Tuesday The 17th breaks through glass.

It is very apparent, however, that the writers of this episode are fans of Part 2, with numerous scenes taken right from the film, including Alice's shower scene in the Prologue, filmed just about shot for shot. The twist of the episode is right out of April Fool's Day too, however, there is even another twist to finish off the episode.

Tuesday The 17th and all of the Psych episodes can be found on Netflix, so I encourage everyone to check it out. Watch the promo for the episode below. I think everyone will love it!

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