Tom Savini Rejoins The 'From Dusk Till Dawn' Universe!

Tom Savini made his mark in Hollywood with his ground breaking make-up effects in film like Dawn Of The Dead and Friday The 13th, but his acting prowess has never been lost on genre fans. His turn as Sex Machine in the 1996 film From Dusk Till  Dawn gave Savini cult status in the acting ranks and solidified his place in the horror realm as a living legend. Now, Miramax and the El Rey Network have announced he is returning to the further adventures of the Gecko brothers in Season 3 of the From Dusk Till  Dawn television show.

So will Tom be reprising his Sex Machine character from the film film? Unfortunately not, but he will be playing Burt, a demon hunter whose days of smoking pot and retirement are brought to a halt by the ongoing vampire civil war.

Find out more about Season 3 of the series below. We're happy to see Savini back in a story that he had a lot of fun acting in twenty years prior!

Season three continues the Gecko Brothers’ saga, as they fight their way through the world of culebras, the vampire-snake hybrids that control hidden empires in Texas and Mexico.   Once the baddest outlaws in the land, Seth and Richie made a run for the border two years ago, to save their lives – and their fortune. They ran headlong into a bar full of bloodsuckers and bandits, facing off with the vampire goddess, Santánico. The Geckos joined her cause and settled an old score.  It won them a place in the culebraworld. Now, that world is about to explode, and new enemies are gathering – dark forces, hell-bent on destruction and domination. It’s up to the Geckos to stop them – but they can’t do it alone.