Rocker And Franchise Alumni Alice Cooper Attending 'The Scarefest'!

Since this website's inception, we have always been proud to bring news of convention appearances for Friday The 13th alumni. These announcements have not always been reserved for just actors or crew, but also people who have been part of soundtracks or various other marketing endeavors. Knowing this, it looks like one of the most popular alumni of the franchise will be making an appearance this Fall at The Scarefest.

We were just tipped off that Alice Cooper (contributor of numerous songs to the Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI soundtrack) will be attending the Lexington, Kentucky convention the weekend of September 30th - October 2nd, 2016! Not much else is known about his appearance like which days he will be attending, but we were told he will definitely be signing autographs. The prospects if him actually performing might be slight to non-existent, however. Regardless if Alice plays or not, this will be a huge addition to The Scarefest not only for Friday The 13th fans, but for the many fans of his legendary music.

Keep a look out for the official announcement of his involvement in the annual horror convention soon. Perhaps during Camp Scarefest that weekend, attendees will be singing "He's back, the man behind the mask" around a camp fire.