Friday The 13th Camp Tour Update For 2016

This past November, fans were treated to the third official tour of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the original filming location of Friday The 13th 1980. Many people have attended these tours over the past couple of years and the response has been amazing. The Boy Scouts of New Jersey own the camp and set up the tours for which they normally plan the events on a Friday The 13th. This year there is only one such date in May, so many of our readers have been waiting for an announcement for the fourth tour.

Unfortunately, there will be no tour this May, according to the camp organizers, as there is a scouting event planned. So it looks like fans will have to wait until 2017 for the next tour, with a good bet it will be October 13, 2017. Stay tuned for news on the next tour when it is available.

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