Friday The 13th Camp Tour 3 Announced!

In the middle of Summer 2014, fans were notified by the organizers of Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (The filming location of the original Friday The 13th) that their third camp tour of the camp grounds that helped make Friday The 13th 1980 famous was being postponed due to a construction project in the area. Our readers will remember that on May 13, 2011, a handful of lucky fans attended the very first Camp Tour for which they got to gain the experience of being in the same cabins as seen in the movie. Check out our Camp Tour Review to find out all about the adventures experienced by the fans.

Since that time, we were told that another Camp Tour would be happening, but there was no official word on when it would take place. Well, now the camp organizers are letting the fans know about the new third event tour and have posted the following about the next tour date, coming November 13, 2015!

UPDATE: The tour tickets sold out in 8 minutes!

Feedback on the first tour was overwhelmingly positive.  Every attendee had a great time and most said they would consider attending a future tour.  The second tour was held on Friday, September 13th, 2013.  This event sold out in 8 minutes and had 5 times the number of attendees.  The response from the attendees was once again even better than we expected.

The next tour is scheduled for Friday, November 13th, 2015.

A brief list of tour details:

- Tickets will go on sale Monday, October 12th, 2015 at 10AM EDT.  Tickets are only available online.  Each ticket purchaser can place an order for a maximum of two tickets.  Please plan accordingly.

- All tickets will be priced at $100.  100% of your ticket price will go towards projects at the non-profit Scout camp.  Thanks for your generosity and support!

- The number of tickets for this event will be limited – please act quickly to avoid disappointment.

- No tickets will available at the gate on the day of the tour.  All attendees must arrive with a printed ticket.  The tour will take place rain or shine.  All sales are final.

- To purchase a ticket (on Monday, October 12th, 2015 at 10AM), please click here to read all event policies and then click on the confirmation link at the bottom of that page.  When you reserve a ticket, you will have 20 minutes to complete the purchase.  If you’re buying tickets for multiple people, please be sure to have their contact information ready at the time of purchase.

- If the tickets sell out quickly, be sure to add yourself to the waitlist!

- Check-in will begin at 11 am on Friday, November 13th, 2015.  The camp will NOT be open before this time. Every attendee MUST have a printed ticket.

- Small groups of attendees will embark on a personalized guided tour of the grounds. You’ll visit all of the locations that have been made famous on television and film.

- The event will end at 4pm to prepare the camp for incoming youth campers.

To sign-up for the tour, make sure to visit the Camp Tour site for more details!
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