Jason Originally To Descend On J.J. In Chains During 'Jason Takes Manhattan' Death Scene

Films are littered with changes in scripts and shooting schedules during production and Friday the 13th films are no different. There have been so many changes made on the fly during filming Jason Voorhees and his adventures in Crystal Lake (and New York and Space) that sometimes the various production crews probably feel like they are filming a completely different movie. One such change during filming was in Jason's stalking of J.J. in the power room in Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan.

During the infamous scene in the film, J.J. is "jamming" down in the power room when Jason decides to show up and give her a special audience to perform for. In stalking J.J., Jason (Kane Hodder) slowly creeps down the staircase while the guitar is being played. Eventually, J.J. sees Jason, runs, and then is killed with a guitar bash to the head. What wasn't known until recently, was that Jason originally was to surprise his guitar playing victim by sliding down chains!

According to the Call Sheets for the film, the props department was supposed to supply a rig that would allow Kane Hodder to descend down chains that were hanging in the power room. It is not known why the change was made. Perhaps there was a problem with the rig, or it was determined that Jason just looked cooler walking slowly down the stairs?

Take a look at the Call Sheets below for the proof of the chain rig for Jason. Would the fans have liked to see this different entrance of Jason into the power room?

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