The Definitive 'Jason Takes Manhattan' Subway Chase Print

Steven Piper last commissioned a dual set of Freddy vs Jason posters by artist Matthew Florey Rowan to show his love of the horror icon team-up and now he has set out to recreate one of the more fun moments in Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. He has tasked artist Cesar Moreno with designing the infamous subway car chase scene from the film where Jason Voorhees is in hot pursuit of Rennie and Sean.

One of the major complaints of Jason Takes Manhattan is that he didn't kill any of the New Yorkers, sans the sanitation worker in sewer during the film's conclusion. There were multiple opportunities for Jason to unleash his fury on the people of the city, and the subway car chase scene was a prime example. Cesar really captures how the scene should have played out in his illustration, showing the carnage and dead bodies of the commuters left behind in Jason's path.

You have to also take note of the tiny Easter eggs littered throughout the print like J.J.'s guitar and the hockey league sign Jason stared at when he first entered New York. Also, the "Jason Lives" is written on the door, which is the exact styling of letters for the phrase found in the actual movie.

There is an extremely limited run of 35 prints for this 36x24 design. The price is $65 shipped. Printing will start next month and if you would like to reserve your print, please go to our Facebook Group (You must be a member) and check out Steven's pinned post to contact him for purchase.