Motion Capture Set Pics And Video Of Kane Hodder As Jason Voorhees For Friday The 13th: The Game!

Every Friday The 13th fan is patiently waiting to to have their opportunity to play as Jason Voorhees in Gun Media's Friday The 13th: The Game. Kane Hodder is lucky enough to not have to wait, as today Gun Media, Illfonic and himself are underway with their motion caption filming and from what they have shown so far, we should all be pretty excited. Below are a number of images and even a Vine showing of the days work, courtesy Randy Greenback's Twitter account and the official game's Instagram account!

The shoot is taking place today at Digital Domain (An Academy Award®-winning digital production studio located in Venice, California). Look on the chair that Kane is sitting on. See a familiar mask? We love the Vine with Jason Voorhees just relaxing with his arm folded. Make sure to watch Periscope video that shows Kane in action dispatching of young counselors!

If you haven't joined in with funding the game to reserve your copy or gain other perks, make sure to check out the Slasher Backer campaign.

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