Friday The 13th: The Game Updates With New Virtual Camp Retreat, Slasher Backer Campaign And Gameplay Overview

There has been some big updates for Friday The 13th: The Game that were just announced for Christmas and they involve some new opportunities for those fans who were not able to join in on the Kickstarter campaign this past Fall. Lets dive into the events surrounding the game with a chance at witnessing the virtual Camp Crystal Lake Retreat!

The Slasher Backer Campaign was designed to help hit stretch goals that were not reached during the Kickstarter event and will hopefully afford Gun Media and Illfonic more resources to expand the gameplay for fans, especially the coveted Single Player mode. The Slasherbacker offers similar perks as the Kickstarter, such as copies of the game, soundtrack and art book. You can also purchase digital downloads of these items as well along with character skins and other assorted items. Make sure to visit the Slasher Backer Campaign to donate to the project and own a piece of this historic project!

One awesome addition to the new campaign is the Digital Camp Crystal Lake Cabin Retreat and Interactive Dev Diary. This exciting experience is something that gamers and fans of the franchise will want to take a look at.

[Expected Delivery Date June 2016] **[PC ONLY]** Pre-Ordering the Virtual Cabin Dev Diary grants you rare, behind the scenes access to all things Friday the 13th: The Game. Chill in your own Virtual Cabin on Camp Crystal Lake in First-Person view. This is a virtual environment delivered on PC that doubles as an interactive 3D Dev Diary. Enjoy the cabin's radio that pumps out the music tracks from Harry Manfredini, with new music added as he finishes each track. Sit down and watch some horror classics on the TV. Wander the cabin and see 3D models of the Weapons, Counselors and Environment Objects. One room in particular, Jason's Chambers is A MUST SEE for Friday the 13th fans! Experience the Jason models we have planned for the game, in 3D and to scale which allow you to walk around each Jason, seeing the small, painstaking details we put into bringing the notorious slasher to life. Fans will get to see new game assets as they are created first, and also watch videos and listen to audio from the team, interviews with horror icons like Sean Cunningham, Tom Savini, Kane Hodder and more. This cabin also serves as a Friday the 13th Museum. There will be exhibits that highlight characters and interesting behind the scenes information both from the game and films. This is the ultimate experience for Friday the 13th fans. All in first-person, to deeply immerse you into Friday the 13th canon and lore. You don't want to miss this!

Wrapping things up for the latest update on the game is a new gameplay overview that touches on how stamina and noise will factor into your survival in Camp Crystal Lake. Check out the video below to gain more knowledge on the game.