Film Props: Kane Hodder's Screen-Worn Boots And Hockey Mask From 'Jason Goes To Hell'

The disdain for Jason Goes To Hell seems to be universally shared among the majority of Friday The 13th fans, but even if you do not like the film and its story, Jason's look is definitely a highlight in the franchise. Today we have another addition to Mario Kirner's Friday The 13th Prop Museum and it may not be as flashy as other props and costumes in the collection, but it is still a must-have piece of franchise history!

Mario has shared with us Kane Hodder's boots worn with his Jason Voorhees costume in Jason Goes To Hell. I believe Mario met with Kane personally to obtain these boots which were worn throughout the film. Also pictured with the boots is a screen-used hockey mask that was worn by Kane as well during the shoot.

These items add great value to the museum and continue to give fans an nice inside look to the items that were used to make the films in the franchise!

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