Videogram Releases 10" Disc Of Friday The 13th Themed Dance Music

This past October, Magnus Sellergren and Videogram debuted another fun music remix featuring Friday The 13th titled The Voorhees Stomp and the new track is featured in a music video that recreates all of the death scenes from Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan! Now Magnus has made available a new 10" picture disc that features a number of tracks featuring themed music from the Friday The 13th franchise, including The Voorhees Stomp.

You can purchase the disc for $7 at Meanwhile, read about the release below and listen to an extended track from the disc as well.

Released December 1, 2015

With this special-edition Cineploit 10" picture disc, Magnus Sellergren, aka Videogram, set out to expand on the concept of his 2014 digital single "Camp Blood".

Originally intended as a 7" release, inspiration led it to grow into an EP's worth of dance floor-friendly material, with Magnus taking his cue from the remix 12" EPs of the 1980's.

Produced by Magnus Sellergren
Mastered at Matrix Audio
Roto toms on "Voorhees Stomp (extended)" by The Jimmy C


Artwork by Andy Grail