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Filming Location: Crystal Lake In 'Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter'

The first days of filming Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter took place during the lake scene where the partying teens go to Crystal Point to swim. The lake they filmed at is called Zaca Lake which is located in the San Rafael Mountains in Santa Barbara County, California. The lake has a rich history among locals and is often used by groups for business retreats as well as weddings.

The area was once open to the public for visits, but now is a privately owned lake run by the Zaca Lake Foundation. The lake spans over 20 acres with a natural fed spring. Below are photos of the surrounding area and screenshots from The Final Chapter that can give some familiar comparisons from the film and recent looks at the lake.

Although the dock and rope tied to the tree seen in the recent location images are most certainly not the same, they look to be positioned in the same vicinity as seen in the film and give fans a fun look at where the actors were on the lake. For more about the lake, please visit www.zacalakeretreat.com

Dock Where Sara Was Reading
Top: Location Photo
Bottom: From Film 

Rope Swinging Into Lake
Top: Location Photo
Bottom: From Film

Source: Lompoc Record
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