Tina's Originally Conceived Tree Attack On Jason In 'Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood'

Giving the female protagonist of a Friday The 13th film the ability to rise up against the killer and defeat them instilled a true sense of empowerment in women. This power carried through six films in the 1980's and eventually would give way to the ultimate showdown between Jason and his protagonist, one with psychic implications.

After a failed attempt to get Jason Voorhees to square off against Freddy Kreuger in the latter part of the decade, it was decided to give the female lead of the next film psychic abilities to try and emulate the clash of the horror titans. Hence, Tina Shepard was born, and she would indeed give Jason all he could handle in Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood.

Tina's initial encounter with Jason in the film would find her face to face with the killer on a roadside area quite a distance away from her house on Crystal Lake. Utilizing tree branches, the troubled psychic teen would subdue Jason by wrapping him up on the side of the road and tripping him forward into a puddle of water. Eventually, Tina used shredded power lines to electrocute Mr. Voorhees in the puddle. It was a shocking scene and one that is always referenced among fans of the film. However, this was not the original tree subduing scene conceived by writer Daryl Haney!

Below is one page of the writer's final script draft (Courtesy Crystal Lake Memories) which outlines a much different encounter between Jason and Tina and the use of tree branches. In Haney's script, Tina attacks Jason with a tree close to the lake, in front of her house, lifting Jason into the air while squeezing his chest and choking his neck. A frantic Nick emerges from the house, wielding a gun, and shoots at Jason in the air. His bullet strikes the main branch holding Jason, breaking it into pieces as it falls on Tina!

Read the script below to experience the full encounter and let us know if you like this version of the scene better than what made it into the final film.

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