Jason Voorhees Actor Ted White Attending His Last Convention This March

Ted White, Friday The 13th fan favorite and one of the greatest Jason Voorhees actors to don the hockey mask is entering his final convention appearance next year. In addition to his work as Jason in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Ted's impressive career spans over five decades and includes many films and television shows including the original Tron, Starman, The Hidden, Gone in 60 Seconds, Major League, Romancing the Stone and X-Files. Ted was also an incredible stuntman that doubled for John Wayne, Lee Marvin and Clarke Gable.

Ted is joining HorrorHound weekend next year in Cincinnati, Ohio and for those fans who have never met him in person, this will be your very last chance to say hello to a true living legend!

HorrorHound Weekend returns to Cincinnati this March 18-20th, 2016 - at the Sharonville Convention Center! As our web site prepares to go live, with ticket pre-sale coming up soon, we want to kick things off with a bit of guest news!

Ted White will be attending HHW this March for his very last convention appearance! Ted has had a great run in the convention scene, meeting his fans; but he has decided to officially retire from the excesses of travel. We are more than honored that Ted has chosen HorrorHound Weekend for one final convention appearance, and hope all of his fans and friends come out to support him!

www.HorrorHoundWeekend.com goes live this week, while tickets will be available prior to Halloween. Look for official announcements of ticket start times on Facebook in the coming days!