Citizens of Crystal Lake Part 3: Harold & Edna

With plot details for the Friday the 13th series slowly beginning to bleed out from the CW, it’s becoming evident that a strong focus will be placed on Crystal Lake’s citizens old and new.  With the native Crystal Lake’ers said to be nervously playing hush regarding their home area’s dirty little secret in relation to the Voorhees legacy, and the newer habitants’ eventual awareness of the threat that looms in their forests, viewers can expect to be introduced to many unique residents guaranteed to bring quirky characterizations to the show. While waiting to add new names to the list, let’s look back on some of these unforgettable locals.

If travelling to good ole’ Camp Blood, chances are you will need to stop for supplies before nestling in for campfires and mayhem.  Such a need would likely bring you by Harold and Edna’s grocery stop, just outside of the camp and local hideaway Higgin’s Haven.  Proprietors Harold and Edna have been long married, and despite their constant bickering show their love through the commitment to their business, despite all of Harold’s “sloppy habits.”  Mostly, it’s Harold’s obsession with food which makes Edna’s blood boil, and her monitoring of her husband’s gluttony often interrupts her knitting.  Harold will sneak donuts, snacks and even fish food should the mood so dictate.

But it’s through her nagging that Edna truly shows the love she has for Harold, as his health and well-being are the true motivators to her unpleasantness.  She even appears to indulge his other obsession which seems to be a fascination with trains, as their grocery and café is adorned with endless pictures of locomotives.  Equally annoying to his better half, however, is Harold’s love for his rabbits.  While his care for his furry pets shows his soft nature, Edna’s temper is further triggered by their “filthy” presence.  If only Edna knew that none of these idiosyncrasies will cause much of an effect, as it’s the ominous stranger wandering around in her hanging laundry that holds the true threat to their futures.

Portraying Edna is actress Cheri Maugans who, other than her memorable turn in Friday the 13th Part III, mostly appeared in television roles.  Maugans had a recurring role in the All in the Family spin-off Archie Bunker’s Place as the character Molly and also appeared on the hit show Dallas including others.  Interestingly, Maugans was once married to television star David Caruso, although has since been married to Geoffrey Scott and enjoying motherhood to their two children.

And as her for-better-or-for-worse counterpart Harold, Steve Susskind leaves a lasting impression as the loveable goofball.  With his childlike demeanor and innocent opposition, it’s no surprise that Susskind would go on to a long and prolific career as a character and voice actor.  The multi-talented actor went on to appear in numerous television shows such as Tales From the Crypt, movies including Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) and multiple voice roles such as in the 2001 blockbuster Monsters, Inc. Sadly, Susskind was taken too soon in an automobile accident in 2005 but definitely left behind a film and television career that will be remembered with over 60 credits on his resume.

While the loving couple would have their entrepreneurship ended with a cleaver to the chest and a knitting needle through the skull, they will definitely be remembered as another example of the colorful characters that made up Crystal Lake’s population.  One has to wonder what ever became of their road-side grocery stop; or more-so if anyone was brave enough to take over ownership with the possibility of an unwanted customer in Mr. Voorhees returning…